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Appreciation of Fine Castings(one)

2024-03-07 08:00

Appreciation of Casting One

Casting Name: Aluminum Alloy Sub-frame    

  Aluminum Alloy Sub-frame


The sub-frame is a type of suspension form, serving as the intermediate component that connects the suspension system to the vehicle body, which enhances the vehicle's comfort, safety, and the connection rigidity of the suspension system.


Due to the product's exceptionally high tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation rate, this mold utilizes a high-vacuum design, allowing the vacuum valve to perform effectively and reduce the vacuum level inside the mold cavity to the maximum extent. Considering the difficulty of implementing a vacuum structure in the feed cylinder, the mold uses two vacuum hydraulic valves for pre-evacuation, improving the vacuum level in the cavity. During the die-casting process, 2 sets of mechanical valves are also used to ensure the cavity maintains a low vacuum level throughout.


The product material is Al alloy; therefore, a oil-based mold temperature control system is used in the design to ensure the melt temperature meets the die-casting conditions during filling. Simultaneously, FLOW-3D and MAGMA software are repeatedly used in the design process for mold flow and thermal balance analyses. While optimizing the gating system, the oil circuit is continuously refined to prevent significant temperature differences and thermal nodes in the mold.



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