hpdc aluminum alloys high pressure precifine die casting

Weight: 1.5kg Mold & Die casting tonnage: 300T Material: A380
  • China
  • 25-40 Days
  • 6000 Pieces per Month




According to the specific process and surface treatment decision

Quantity Cost

1 Unit $0.50 – $18 / Unit

Key Features

  •  Recyclability: Sustainability and environmental friendliness are hot topics nowadays. Zinc-Aluminum die cast parts are highly recyclable, aligning with green manufacturing and sustainable development initiatives. 

  •  Cost-effectiveness: In mass production, Zinc-Aluminum die casting can offer lower manufacturing costs. Additionally, due to the high density of zinc material, less raw material is needed to make the same volume of die cast parts, which further reduces costs.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Zamak inherently possesses strong corrosion resistance, making it less prone to rust and suitable for use in harsh environments.


AluminumADC12,ADC10,A360,A356,A380,A413,B390,EN47100,EN44100Magnesium alloy AZ91D, AM60B 

Zinc alloy ZA3#,ZA5#,ZA8, Depond on cusomer requested


Mold design-Mold fabrication- Die casting- Deburring-Machining-Finish-Packing


1. Blasting 2. Anodize 3. Electrophoresis 4. Powder coating 5. Chromizing



Packaging Details

1. Each in bubble bag 2. Special carton 3. Pallet 4. Wooden Case

Shipping Details

Port: Xiamen or Guangzhou     Transportation: Ocean; Air; Land


Dimensions Customized
Color Metal Colors Available
Technology High Pressure Die Casting, CNC, CMM Measure, Painting
Surface treatment Polishing, Electroplating, Sandblasting, Anodizing

Die casting

Application fields of zinc aluminum die casting

The processing industry often maximizes the performance of materials and applies the value of materials to your project at a low price.

high pressure die casting aluminum alloys

Communication equipment

Aluminum can stand high temperate environments, for its great electricity and shielding properties. Its die-casting parts are widely used in network construction, telecommunication infrastructure, and the computer industry, primarily aluminum has a good performance in heat dissipation of radio-frequency filter shells.

hpdc aluminium

Auto Parts

Die-cast aluminum parts offer high strength and hardness, contributing to improved fuel efficiency in cars by reducing overall weight.

precifine die and casting

Industrial machinery and equipment accessories

Excellent corrosion resistance, small parts in various industrial machinery and equipment, electronic connectors, and shell components can all be produced through die casting.

high pressure die casting aluminum alloys

Street lamp housing, home hardware

Its good stiffness, durability, and light weight make it very suitable for the use of common objects

In the world of industrial manufacturing, high-quality die castings are the cornerstone of ensuring that machinery and equipment operate efficiently. Our professional-grade die castings are crafted using state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality control processes, offering unparalleled precision and durability. No matter what type of die casting you are looking for, our product range is designed to meet even the most demanding industrial requirements.

Technological capabilities

Minimum possible weight of the part Zinc alloy 0.003g, aluminum alloy 0.005g.
Maximum possible weight of the part Zinc alloy 10Kg, aluminum alloy 5Kg. For details, please refer to the product structure.
Minimum possible sizes of the part unlimited
Maximum possible sizes of the part Zinc alloy 3600c㎡, aluminum alloy 6400c㎡.
Minimum possible wall thickness  Zinc alloy 0.8mm, Aluminum alloy 1.0mm.
Maximum possible wall thickness Normal 3mm partial 10mm zinc-aluminum castings are the same.
Tolerance class for casting ±0.03 depends on the size and structure of the product.
Minimum possible batch 2000 molds/batch, except for new product trial molds.

Production equipment

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine   Grinder Vertical machining center Flat grinder
Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine Drilling machine Carving machine Electric punch
CNC milling machine punch Desktop drilling & tapping machine Hydraulic press
CNC spark machine  Semi-automatic hydraulicpress Sawing machine Gear punching machine
Milling machine CNC lathes Shot blasting machine Assembly production capacity


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