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Appreciation of Fine Castings(two)

2024-03-14 08:00

 Appreciation of Casting Two

Casting Name: 4-in-1 Inverter Housing (Top Cover, Housing, and Mid Cover)    

Inverter Housing


This product is an automotive inverter housing designed for superb heat dissipation and stringent airtightness to safeguard the vital electronic components within:


1. Casting Usage: Automotive Inverter;


2. Distinctive Features of the Cast Product: Thin walls, deep cavities, intricate structures, with an emphasis on safety and seal integrity;


   (i) Select product areas are shaped with inclined mold sliders;

   (ii) Portions of the raw blank have strict surface appearance standards, demanding a roughness of less than Ra6.3, with no casting marks or burn-in allowed;

   (iii) Components are die-casted directly with a UBE 2200/1650-ton press, followed by assembly prior to dispatch;

   (iv) Cleanliness Standards: Impurity weight ≤1.5mg, size of foreign particles <1000um;


3. Critical Product Specifications:


   (i) An unyielding 100% chromate conversion coating (passivation) is applied, meeting or surpassing Grade 8 of the GBT 6461-2002 after a 96-hour salt spray test;

   (ii) Leak Test Pressures: For waterways: 35PSI; for large cavities: 6PSI;

        Leak Rates: For waterways: 1cc/min; for large cavities: 2cc/min;

        Each part undergoes a 100% helium leak test, with the cooling waterway pressurized to 2.5bar, assuring a helium concentration of at least 85% and a detection limit not exceeding 1*10^-7 mbar*L/s;

   (iii) The product's machining line employs heat-shrink tool holders to process materials with up to a 280mm maximum machining reach. This tool holder is noted for its remarkable stability and coaxiality, ensuring consistent product accuracy and dimensions.

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