Appreciation of Fine Castings(three)

Appreciation of Fine Castings(three)

2024-03-18 08:00

Casting name:


PHEV gearbox housing

gearbox housing



This product is a key component of the hybrid vehicle gearbox - the outer shell part, which plays a role in supporting and protecting gear bearings.


1. The parts need to be directly formed by Bühler 4400-ton die-casting, and the part size is 598.5*513.4*239(mm);


2. Product cleanliness requirements:


Inner cavity: The weight of impurities is ≤10mg (20um for filter), the size of residual metal foreign matter is <600um, and the size of non-metallic foreign matter is <1500um;


Oil channel: The weight of impurities is ≤2mg (20um for filter), the size of residual metal foreign matter is less than 400um, and the size of non-metallic foreign matter is less than 600um;


3. High machining requirements, such as:


① The bearing holes installed in the product are dual-controlled, and the relative spacing of the bearing holes is 91±0.017mm, 141.5±0.02mm, 93±0.017mm, etc. relative to the positioning degree of 0.06 required by the benchmark;


② The aperture and cylindricity requirements of the installation bearing hole are high: for example, the aperture diameter is φ80 (-0.016, -0.033) mm, and the cylindricity requirement is 0.018;


③ Die-cast installation steel sleeves for aluminum alloy products, machined steel sleeve hole diameter φ55 (+0.019, 0) mm, processing depth requirement 159 (+0.05, 0) mm;


④ Other dimensions include cylindricity 0.015, verticality 0.015, aperture φ72 (+0.025, +0.005) mm, etc.


Key technologies and innovation points:


1. Use a vacuum punch + automatic lubrication system, adopt a new micro-spraying device of release agent for aluminum alloy die-casting, and adopt an extrusion pin forming solution;


2. Horizontal fixture, the fixture is hollow so that different sides of the product can be processed in the same sequence to ensure size;


3. The shell processing line uses a professionally customized Mazak horizontal clamping machine, special tools, and has constant temperature for the blank and the cutting fluid. Online monitoring probes are added to each sequence to ensure dimensional stability. And a dedicated CNC automated production line has been invested, from blank loading to CNC processing, it is completely mechanized to ensure product dimensional stability.

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